When to Seek Help for Tooth Pain

According to this video, there are certain times when you wait to get care for a tooth problem and certain times when it’s urgent. You must pay attention to the signs and get the care you need when it’s necessary.

The best thing to do is to get immediate care if you notice something unusual about your teeth.

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For example, you should seek help if you’re in extreme pain or have a fever of any kind. That indicates an infection or abscess, and you need to resolve that as quickly as possible.

Extreme sensitivity may not be an issue if you feel it across multiple teeth when you drink liquids. However, it could be something serious or the sign of an infection if you feel it only in one tooth.

If you are experiencing swelling on the side of your face, it is most likely an emergency. Swelling usually occurs when you have an infection. Thus, you need to contact your dentist right away. You should try to get to the dentist. However, you can choose to go to a hospital or urgent care center if your dentist isn’t available. They may not be equipped to care for your dental problem, but perhaps they can give you an antibiotic to resolve your infection if you have one.


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