What Does Your Holly Springs Dentist Do?

We go to them for check-ups, cleanings and fillings twice a year. We probably see them more than any other health care professional. What exactly does a dentist do? The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne gives us the details.

Dentists do more than just make sure your teeth are healthy. They make sure your whole mouth is healthy.

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They may even check your head and neck to see if anything there might be giving your teeth pain. For example, clogged sinuses can give pain in the upper teeth. A Holly Springs dentist, or dentist from anywhere else, can also answer your questions about how to keep your mouth healthy and pain-free.

Dentists check your gums at the same time as they check your teeth. Gum health is very important, and often neglected. Swollen gums or gums that bleed while brushing or flossing should never be ignored. These are signs of an infection or of gum disease.

Some dentists can perform mouth operations, such as fixing a broken tooth, or removing wisdom teeth. Others may do cosmetic dentistry. This can involve anything from giving treatments to whiten your teeth, to inserting dental implants. Many dentists are able to put braces or other dental appliances on teeth to make them straighter.

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