Dental Implants: the Solution for Today’s Tooth Loss

With great improvements that have been experienced in the dental field in the recent past, it makes sense to expect fewer people looking for a solution for tooth loss. Millions of Americans, however, still suffer tooth loss due to gum disease, tooth decay, or injury. For many years, patients had bridges and dentures as their […]

Why Gum Disease Impacts Holistic Health

How Gum Disease Interacts with the Body Whether through motivational wall decals or directly from the dentist’s mouth, oral hygiene is a facet of human wellness that professionals will globally elevate to the utmost importance—and they do so with excellent reason. Studies in recent years have encouraged dental experts to progressively view mouth cleanliness as […]

How Do You Find the Best Dentist for Your Needs?

If you know anything about the capabilities of today’s top cosmetic dentists, it is amazing how far cosmetic dental surgery has come over the last 30 years or so. This is particularly true, when you consider the fact that the modern nylon-handled toothbrush wasn’t invented until the late 1930s. But dental cosmetics has actually existed […]

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