Understanding and Addressing Gum Discoloration

New york gum bleaching

Did you know that gum discoloration can be a side effect of gingival cancer? There are multiple potential reasons for excess melanin in the gums, which generally causes the gums to appear darker in color rather than the average light pink. It can also be caused by diseases, medications, or even just heredity.

Black gum disease is also a potential reason, in which case the patient is likely to experience pain, possible bleeding, and a foul oder. If not treated, this disease can spread to cartilage and bones. If you have New York dark gums, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with a dentist or physician to make sure that it is not a symptom of a more serious issue.

For people interested in getting rid of discoloration, there are several options available. One option for people with New York uneven gums is New york gum bleaching. This is an easy, in office procedure that permanently alters the melanin pigment so that it appears lighter and more healthy.

Skin grafting for New York pigmented gums involves treating the roof of the mouth as well as the affected tissues that surround the teeth. Basically, a slice of skin is taken from the roof and applied to other parts of the mouth. This can also be used for gum retraction.

Another option for pigmented gums is New York laser gum treatment, which is a simple surgical procedure that removes the dark colored layer of the gum and reveals the more natural, pink gum underneath, which will remain that color after healing. New York laser gum treatment is less invasive than procedures like grafting, and is relatively pain free. Most patients dealing with discoloration tend to prefer New york laser gum treatment since it is minimally invasive and lasts longer than other procedures on average.

Interestingly, antioxidants in raisins can help prevent this problem from coming back by fighting bacteria growth that causes gum disease and inflammation. Keep in mind that if your gum discoloration is hereditary or related to your racial background, there is probably no need to use New York laser gum treatment or anything else.

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