Why Is Family Friendly Dentistry Important for Kids and Adults of All Ages?

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Depending upon your needs and the needs of others in your family, you may be having trouble finding a dentist. Some dentists have particular specialties and don’t have the capabilities to handle cleanings for kids and CEREC crowns for seniors. By choosing a family friendly dentist, however, everyone in your family from child to adult can get the dental care that they need — and at affordable rates, too.

How can a family friendly dentist help you at different stages in your life? Here are some common services that family dentists may offer for all age groups:


Young children, especially, often fear going to the dentist when their baby teeth first come in. A family friendly dentistry practice, however, should know just how to put children at ease during each treatment and biannual cleaning. A good dentist for kids can also give children and their parents advice on how to best take care of teeth at an early age to prepare for a lifetime of good dental hygiene.


From the college-age crowd to adults in their 40s and 50, a dentist should be able to provide all kinds of treatments for this age group. Younger patients may have had orthodontic work in their teens, for instance, and will need to monitor the health of their teeth and gums after transitioning away from braces and retainers. Older adults, meanwhile, may look to cosmetic dentistry procedures (and spend an average of $5,000 to $6,000 on them) as a way to revitalize their smiles and boost their confidence as they age.


As seniors age, they tend to have more unique problems with their teeth, no matter how they’ve cared for them throughout their lives. Some seniors will lose teeth to damage, chipping, or other conditions and may need dentures or dental implants. Dental implants and mini dental implants, both of which are made with various titanium alloys, are becoming an increasingly popular options for seniors who want a more natural smile than what dentures provide. Computer-guided technologies like CEREC in dentistry help to place those implants with greater precision for quicker and far less painful results.

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