Cosmetic Dentistry 101

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Teeth matter. Nearly all (more than 99%) of adults believe that your smile is an important social asset. Right or wrong, your smile is often a crucial part of your first impression when meeting new people and the quality of your smile and the health and appearance of your teeth are closely linked. Because of this, more than 3 million Americans have dental implants-a number that continues to grow by 500,000 each year. Though cosmetic dentistry prices can sometimes feel out of reach for many, the benefits of cosmetic dental work can make it an investment that is well worth it. If you are considering cosmetic dental implants or other cosmetic dentistry procedures, consider these 5 facts:

1) Prices Vary There are a variety of procedures that can done to improve the appearance of your smile, and the cost of whitening teeth will be very different than dental implants costs. Cosmetic dentistry prices are determined by how much work your particular issues will require, your geographic region, and whether or not any of the cosmetic work can be reimbursed by your dental plans. Though cosmetic dentistry prices may sometimes seem high, especially for full dental implants, having a brighter smile can greatly improve your quality of life.

2) You Have Options Though currently only 10% of US dentists can place implants, that number is growing. More and more often, you can find a dentist near you that can provide the cosmetic services you need.

3) It Works Dental implants work up to 98% of the time and if you take good care of them, they can last for the rest of your life. This can mean that you will not have to worry about messing with dentures in old age or worrying about tooth health and decay every again.

4) They are Constantly Improving The technology utilized in cosmetic dentistry is constantly getting better. The implants that are used today are much better than ones from 25 years ago-they last longer and can be placed and restored much more easily. All of this means a better product, less pain, and lower long-term costs for you.

5) You May Be Able to Sleep Through It Sedation dentistry and conscious sedation dentistry are growing in popularity throughout the United States. During these kinds of procedures, you can placed under sedation and be much less impacted by an associated pain or discomfort. If you have anxiety or a low pain tolerance, look for a provider that has this option.

If you want to want to brighten your smile and feel more confident about your teeth, the growing field of cosmetic dentistry may be the right option for you! More info like this.

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