The Top Three Ways to Keep a Bright, White, Shining Smile Over the Years

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A great deal of people put a lot of stock into having a bright, healthy smile, but many struggle to achieve it. Here are three ways that you, too, can achieve or maintain a healthy smile:

1. Brush, Brush, Brush Twice a Day

The simplest and most straightforward way to keep a healthy smile is to simply brush your teeth twice a day, perhaps with a bit of flossing. Pediatric dentists suggest this over any other method since it is the cheapest and healthiest method; after all, pediatric dentists would be very interested in helping children develop healthy habits. This is a preventative measure that removes the plaque bacteria from your teeth to stop them from eating away at your white enamel. A soft bristled tooth brush is preferable because it is easier on your gums; hard brushing doesn’t do anything but hurt your enamel more by scraping it off. It is very difficult to whiten your smile by just brushing; some tooth pastes market baking soda mixtures that whiten the teeth slightly, but it isn’t by a significant degree. Once your smile has grown more yellow, it is usually to stay considering the typical American’s sugary diet. With current medical technology, however, it is not to stay, because…

2. Dentists Offer Tooth Whitening Services

One of the most popular services offered by dentists is actually the answer to lax brushing habits. Dentists offer an intense whitening procedure that can undo the damage done by plaque to your enamel and whiten the exposed teeth underneath. This can be mildly to exorbitantly expensive depending on how intense of a whitening you undergo and whether you seek out the best cosmetic dentists, so be prepared for that. If you would rather avoid a whitening, however, there is another option…

3. Dental Veneers Can Fix Things Up as a Last Resort

A dental veneer is essentially a pearly white sheet of dental porcelain that is applied to the front of your teeth to conceal the yellowed teeth underneath. This is a form of dental cosmetic implant and is more or less a permanent answer to any sort of teeth yellowing since the porcelain is more likely to hold its color if taken care of properly. How will you keep your smile bright? Links like this.

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