The Secret to a Beautiful Smile

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Did you know that if you drink at least three sodas or sugary drinks each day, you can experience 62 percent more tooth decay than those of us who sip water all day long? Cavities are unsightly, and luckily fillings of today come in materials to match the color and tone of your enamel. More importantly, however, is that if not treated soon enough, tooth decay and cavities can lead to fillings, the dreaded root canal, and even tooth loss. Finding an experienced dentist in Mobile Alabama is more than just benign cosmetic dentistry mobile al procedures such as teeth whitening and teeth straightening. Albeit important for an attractive smile, a healthy smile guarantees a beautiful smile.

More than half of all adults visit dentists each year. That being said, a whopping 100 million Americans still neglected to visit their dentist in 2007. It is unknown how many of those 100 million suffer from odontophobia, which is a phobia of the dentist as defined by the Diagnostical and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. In addition to routine check ups and cleanings at dentist offices in Mobile AL, cavities and gum disease are common complaints. A dentist in mobile alabama can proactively identify the early stages of gum disease before the problem becomes severe.

Americans spend $1.4 billion annually on teeth whitening procedures in offices such as dentist office in Mobile AL. Americans also take great pride in preventative dental health, such as twice daily brushing, flossing, rinsing, and regular visits to a dentist in Mobile Alabama. In fact, twice annual visits to a dentist in Mobile Alabama are recommended and increase your chances for a lifetime of oral health. Regardless of ensuring the mechanics of your teeth are in good working order, a trip to a dentist in Mobile Alabama is also important in the event that too much coffee or red wine in your diet does not show up on your teeth. As such, a dentist in Mobile Alabama may offer the cosmetic procedure of teeth whitening as well.

Gum disease can do more than just harm and damage your teeth and gums. Good oral health is linked to overall general health and well being. In fact, gum disease has been linked to heart disease and pancreatic cancer. In addition to the routines you can do at home (brushing, flossing, etc.) a routine visit to a dentist in Mobile Alabama will also provide early detection if something, such as oral cancer, is suspected.

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