The Best False Teeth Options

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Surveys show that nearly 97% of adults believe that a quality smile is an important social aspect — it can improve your relationships, your business status, and your confidence. However, many Americans suffer from tooth loss, with a majority of those over 65 missing all of their adult teeth. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to restore that beautiful smile. This article will address the false teeth options you have to choose from.

Dentures: Dentures are removable plastic and/or metal frameworks to which false teeth are attached. Depending on the quality of dentures you are looking for, your dental specialist will make sure they fit snug in your mouth. There are three types:

  • Temporary. These dentures are for those who are undergoing dental cosmetic work and have had their teeth removed as a result. After the removal, it may take a few months for your jawbone and gums to completely heal, and in the meantime you have a temporary denture to make chewing easier. Top cosmetic dentists will usually fit you with your dentures the same day as they remove your teeth.
  • Partial. If you only have one or a few missing teeth, a partial denture will probably be the best pick of the various false teeth options. This consists of a framework that holds the number of false teeth needed in place. These partial dentures can either be metal or plastic. Most have metal clasps that attach the plate to surrounding existing teeth.
  • Full. Most top cosmetic dentists will recommend full dentures (for those who opt for dentures) because they offer more support than partial. Normally, they will be used if you have no teeth left in your upper or lower jaw and consist of a plastic plate with porcelain teeth. Good quality full dentures should fit your mouth perfectly, leaving no gaps or wiggle room.

Bridges: This is an affordable option for those missing only one or two teeth. A bridge consists of two crowns placed on top of the two natural teeth that are found on either side of the gap, and a false tooth in the middle. These bridges are normally made of porcelain and can be easily matched to fit the shade of your teeth. The two teeth supporting the false tooth will need to be prepared to fit the crowns.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are typically inserted into the jaw bone and then finished off with a crown — or false teeth. Among the false teeth options, implant supported dentures provide the full experience of natural teeth. The implant itself is a metal rod inserted into the bone, which in turn holds the teeth in place. Over time, your jaw bone will heal around the implant and make it more stable.

Mini Implants: These implants are often used for small teeth and incisors, whereas dental implants are for an entire set of teeth. The mini implant dental procedure is the same as the regular dental implant one, except they are used mostly for prosthetic stabilization and are generally half the width of the traditional implants.

There are plenty of false teeth options to choose from, and all of these options vary in price and have their many benefits and setbacks. Consult your cosmetic dentist about the best choice for you. Read this website for more information.

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