Realigning Your Mouth Can Ease Your Pain

Dental implant

There is so much more to family dentistry than you might imagine. You might go in for a root canal or dental implants but there could very well be more to your dental problems than what might be obvious to you.

No one is born with that perfect smile. Well, very few people anyway. Over the last twenty years or so, there have been big breakthroughs in the way people take care of their teeth and in the way dentists are using technology to repair problems in the mouth.

It is much more than simply straightening a crooked smile, however. Dentists are understanding more and more how to fix jaw problems that are causing very serious side effects. Many people suffer from serious migraine headaches because of a jaw that is out of line. Sleeping with an improperly aligned jaw can really make symptoms of headaches very much more pronounced as the nights go on.

The Invisalign system is something that has been doing many great things for dental patients for several years. Straightening the teeth is a wonderful part of what the Invisalign can do. It can take someone who has very seriously crooked teeth and, over time, can bring out a beautiful smile.

As the treatment progresses, the patient is given the next step in corrective sizing. This is typically once a week. Over time, depending on the severity of the correction needed, the teeth and jaw gradually move into a new position. What many patients find is that they not only end up with a smile they can be proud of but fewer, if any, problems that come with a jaw that is misaligned.

There are currently 35 million people who are suffering from TMJ, a problem caused by a misaligned jaw. In a terribly one-sided bit of bad luck, 95% of those 35 million people who are suffering from TMJ are women. It wasn’t very long ago that the most severe cases had no other option for any kind of relief but to have their jaw broken and reset.

The instances of that kind of procedure are not as prevalent today. These days, Invisalign can help restore the jaw to where it should be, aligning it so that you are eating and simply resting with no more pain.

Dentistry has had so many amazing technological advances over the past several years. Young people going through puberty now have the option to not have to go through the embarrassment of a mouthful of metal the way their parents once did.

One of the greatest things about Invisalign is how little the system affects your everyday life. They aligners are comfortable and get more comfortable as the treatment progresses because your teeth and jaw are slowly lining up properly. The more work they have to do, the more you will know they are in, though that is even much more comfortable than the old, metal way of things.

Wearing them for the 20 to 22 hours per day barely impacts your daily routine. The aligners are very easy to remove and you can brush and floss like normal. What many patients experience is a new balance, not just in the way their teeth are functioning but also in the way they are living now with less pain. The headaches go away because the pressure of a misaligned jaw has been slowly going away over the period of time they have had the Invisalign system.

Pain-free living is always a good thing.

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