Preventing Tartar and Plaque on the Teeth

Many Americans care greatly about the health of their teeth, since attractive and healthy teeth can make a person look good and discolored or damaged teeth are unsightly. But this goes beyond the aesthetics of the teeth in one’s mouth; a lack of dental care, such as failing to use fluoride free toothpaste or tartar removing dental gel, can result in infections. Serious tooth infections can lead to gum disease or tooth rot, and this can be highly distressing and expensive to deal with at the dentist’s office. Therefore, Americans are urged to use products in everyday life such as plaque removal dental gel, tartar removing toothpaste, and more to keep their teeth in good condition. A plaque removal dental gel should not be confused with traditional toothpaste; rather, a plaque removal dental gel is a specialized product that can remove a lot of the plaque that builds up on teeth naturally. Aside from plaque removal dental gel, a person may also seek out tooth-whitening products for their aesthetics. How can someone care for their teeth in everyday life?

Plaque and Tartar Control

A person can’t really prevent plaque from building up on the teeth. Keeping the teeth clean is a matter of maintenance and upkeep, and the bacteria that cause plaque and tartar will always be present. Instead, a responsible child or adult can use the right products to keep tartar and plaque buildup under control, and this can prevent gum disease or tooth rot in the long term. Once a child is about two years old, they can start using toothpaste and toothbrushes regularly, and adults may also choose to use a plaque removal dental gel in particular (a related product) to stay on top of plaque buildup.

In the mouth, bacteria feed on leftover sugars from food and form plaque all the while. This plaque is easily removed and transparent at first, but if enough can build up over time, it may harden and turn a distinct yellow color on the surface of teeth. If plaque and bacteria continue to build up, the health issues may become more severe, and tartar can cause bad breath as well as an unattractive appearance on the teeth. So, Americans are urged to be diligent about brushing their teeth with various products after meals, and this clears away any and all built up plaque and bacteria to help prevent tartar buildup. Flossing can also be done to remove food bits found deep between the teeth where brush bristles can’t reach, and mouthwash can clear away any remaining bacteria and also freshen the breath. One should be careful to not swallow mouthwash, though, and kids should be monitored when they use it.

Other Tooth Health Methods

The physical condition of the teeth can be looked after as well. Kid and adults alike are urged to prevent trauma to the teeth, and one way is to use mouth guards when taking part in sports or other activities. This can help absorb and impact and prevent teeth from getting knocked out or chipped, and it is also advised to not chew or bite on hard items such as ice cubes. Chewing on hard items may crack the surface of the teeth and damage the enamel. Adults or even teenagers may need to have new crowns placed on their teeth if the enamel is damaged for some reason, and getting dental implants is common in the United States.

What about the aesthetics of teeth? Teeth can be healthy but unappealing to look at, and coffee drinking and cigarette smoking can discolor the teeth over time. Many people are uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth, due to the color or crooked formations, so they look for cosmetic dentistry. Tooth whitening can be done at a dentist’s office, or specialized tooth-whitening toothpaste (distinct from tartar gels) can be used to help whiten the teeth and remove the unwanted coloration. On top of that, clear plastic retainers have proven popular and effective for keeping the teeth aligned and in good shape, and retainers can be shaped for a person’s mouth and fitted right over the teeth. Other people won’t even be able to see the presence of these retainers, making them discreet dental items.

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