Perfection No Longer Reigns in Cosmetic Dentistry

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With over 6,000 business in the United States devoted to making clients’ teeth bright and white, it’s not a surprise that cosmetic dentistry is becoming more popular every day. In just the past five years, teeth whitening procedures have increased by 300%, and in the same period the cosmetic dental industry grew by 1.8% each year.

Just like any trend or popular fashion, styles have changed over time for veneers. Clients used to come in and request a perfect, unflawed set of veneers to overlay their natural teeth, which would give them the perfect smile. But according to an article in The New York Times, patients now commonly request that their new smile have a small yet noticeable flaw, giving them the look of naturally white teeth that are envied by all.

Imperfect teeth have a high price tag

The family dentist might have to refer clients who are looking for customized veneers to a specialist who has the right dentist tools. Teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry options allow clients to choose from a perfect, but obviously mass produced and unnaturally white veneer, or they can select a personalized option. The latter is designed by a professional artist who sculpts the faux teeth out of ceramic, and it costs patients anywhere from $1,500 to $2,800 for each veneer. Patients who are looking for more affordable cosmetic dentistry options can still get standard veneers for around $700 each. The individualized care, huge time commitment and high level of expertise required to make veneers with perfect flaws all contribute to the high price of this new trend.

Flaws are manufactured to look natural

Veneers in the past were so perfectly shaped and had such a scintillating white glow that it was obvious they were fake. Still, the trend became popular among the rich and famous and people who didn’t approve of cosmetic dentistry procedures referred to these unnatural imposters as “Chiclets,” and they seemed to be in every young Hollywood star’s mouth. According to the article’s author, “The lifelike “flaws” requested by patients include rotating the teeth next to the center pair so they overlap a little; subtly discoloring veneers toward the gumline so it looks between-cleaning realistic; and adding grooves so the porcelain isn’t oddly smooth.” People request veneers that look natural, and older patients who get them recognize that their teeth shouldn’t look younger than they do. Clients want their teeth to look like they’ve aged gracefully, along with their talkative owners.

The goal is a union of perfection and forgery

Jason J. Kim accepts this challenge with alacrity and vows his best to give patients what they want. Kim works tirelessly to craft unique porcelain veneers for each client, and he always gives patients several cosmetic dentistry options so they can choose the one that best suits them. His technique has been refined for decades, as he studied under a famous veneer artist and learned his tricks. Kim has adapted the technique to cater to clients today, and he creates “perfect imperfections” by layering colors to get a varied depth of color on each piece. Today, the most skilled veneer makers eschew symmetrical sets of teeth, opting instead for carefully planned flaws that are so subtle, they could almost be real. Find more.

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