Perfect Teeth Come With a Price

Cosmetic dentistry cost

There is more to life than a set of healthy teeth, or so you might think. Almost 100% of people think that their smile is an important social asset, and Kelton research suggests that people with straight, white teeth have a 45% higher chance of being hired for a job than those with crooked teeth. On top of this, the American Academy of Dental Implants projects that by 2018, the dental implant market will hit $5 billion.

So maybe there is more to having perfect pearly whites than you think. This could mean that you opt for other cosmetic dental work, such as veneers, or teeth whitening. The numbers also indicate that dental implants are on the rise in popularity, and they are eclipsing snap-on teeth and dentures as a permanent teeth solution.

The only problem is that this cosmetic teeth surgery is more expensive than any of its
counterparts, and finding dental implants cheap is not easy. Veneers and dentures might set you back a few thousands dollars, but implants can be much more. The average price for dental implants is about $4,000 per tooth, which means an entire mouth full of implants will cost about as much as a luxury car.

Why are they so expensive?

The fact is that custom made crowns can be difficult to procure. For each patient, the crown is made individually, and fit to each patient’s tooth. Many of these crowns are made from porcelain, which requires careful work to shape it without chipping or ruining the mold. The titanium used to form the implant can also be costly for clinics to purchase. When you add on the labor costs and the length of time it takes to secure the implants, which could take weeks depending how well your jaw takes to the titanium rod root replacement, the numbers add up.

What can be done?

Finding full dental implants cheap is nearly impossible because insurance often does not cover the cost. But there are certain clinics around the country that offer family dental care and dental cosmetics for severely discounted prices. There are also websites that offer patients who need dental implants cheap grants to subsidize a portion of the cost. You can also try to find a cosmetic dentist that is willing to work out a payment plan with you to lessen the blow to your wallet.

In any case, the statistics seem to suggest that clean, white teeth improve your chances of securing the career you want, and raise your overall self-esteem. So, for people who need a confidence boost, and want their ideal job, dental implants may be worth the investment. This is a great source for more.

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