Need a Family Dentist? Find a Multi-Specialty Dental Practice

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If you’re a parent looking for a new dentist, you may not realize that you’re no longer limited to pediatric dental offices. Increasingly, multi-specialty dental practices are catering to families with diverse needs, from cosmetic dentistry and implants to routine check ups for the kids.
So what exactly is a multi-specialty dental practice, and why is it the right choice for every member of your family?
A multi-specialty family dental practice is exactly what it sounds like, meaning it has several dentists specializing in different areas of dentistry. So rather than going to one office for a cleaning, then booking an appointment at a separate office for cosmetic appointments, then yet another dental office for sedation dentistry and intense root canal treatment, patients can visit one office for all their mouth care needs.
Not only can this help families save time and money, but it also has other important benefits as well. Because the office will already have your insurance and medical records on file, it makes the entire process simpler. That can help many people avoid some of the stresses that go along with dental work.
More importantly, it means that the practitioners will have the chance to get to know you and your family’s unique needs. They will be familiar with your medical history, family history, and the specific needs you might have. To a dentist, every mouth is different, and visiting a single family dentist allows your provider to become an expert on your family’s care.
Plus, it helps make patients more comfortable during their care, which is especially important for young children who may be nervous about that upcoming appointment. So if you’re a mom or dad looking for a new family dental clinic, don’t just look for an office that accepts your insurance (or Medicaid), but also a practice that can meet all of your family dental needs down the line.

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