How Braces for Kids Straighten Teeth

In this video we see the various ways that braces for kids work. From a simple retainer creating an even line of molars to how braces can provide space for teeth to grow in. These animations are a great way to understand what types of dental issues are being corrected and by which device. There are caps and bars to even out upper molars, and braces that pull the top teeth back a bit.

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The animation also shows how different ways dental elastics are applied to correct teeth positioning. This video includes a segment on stubborn teeth that will not grow into the correct spot as well as different methods of creating space in the mouth for teeth to grow in properly. Included in this video is a segment showing how perfectly aligned baby teeth can lead to misaligned adult teeth that require braces to correct. Another part of the video animates how headgear works to provide further correction while braces are worn. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without providing animated guidance on the flossing technique needed to be sure cavities don’t arise while teeth are being straightened.


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