How a Dentist Can Help with Cosmetic Procedures

About 96% of adults think that they won’t be appealing to an opposite sex if they lack an attractive smile. Dental health condition has become a crucial aspect of health today and it tends to impact different facets of a normal life. If you have missing, misshapen, chipped or stained teeth, don’t overwhelm yourself with distress when you can visit a dentist for a smile enhancement procedure. In addition to cosmetics, these procedures can help in improving other dental problems, such as your bite.

1. Crowns

Also known as caps, crowns are placed over existing teeth to correct the shape and appearance. They tend to be costly and a family dentist only recommends them when other normal procedures fail to work. The advantage of crowns is that they are the most durable of all cosmetics. However, they tend to be time-consuming.

2. Veneers

Veneers are thin plastic or porcelain that are placed over the front teeth to improve teeth shape and color. Teeth that qualify for this cosmetic include those that are crooked, oddly shaped, chipped, unevenly shaped and discolored. This procedure requires the cosmetic professional to take impressions of the teeth for custom-made dental devices. You will need to visit the dental office several times ensure they are working okay.

3. Bonding

A dental professional may recommend bonding to enhance teeth color or fill dental gaps. You only need a single dental visit and the devices are certain to lasts for several years. If your teeth are slightly decayed or chipped, you can benefit from bonded composite. Bonding can also be applied as a filling for small dental cavities.

4. Bleaching or teeth whitening

This is the most common dental procedure that in the cosmetic dentistry field. Some people opt for teeth whitening to remove stains while others just want to have whiter teeth. Whatever your option, ensure that you work with a dentist to get an ideal procedure. The typical tooth whitening takes about four to two to four weeks to ensure maximum results.

While the general dentistry field has a wide scope, it is essential to pick an option that ensures you are safe. If you have any questions, the best approach is to talk to your dentist during the prior visit. He or she will recommend the best procedure that will improve your smile.

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