Four Ways to Find a Great Dentist

Dentist review

Are you among the 75 percent of Americans who have a fear of the dentist? If so, you may be finding it difficult to muster up the courage to search for a good dentist. Fortunately, there are many dentist office reviews available online for you to consider before choosing a dentist. Looking for the following criteria in dental reviews will help you decide which dentist will be right for you and help you overcome your dental phobia.

1. Does the review state that the dentist was gentle? Many people develop a fear of the dentist from a traumatizing experience that left their mouths in extreme pain, and because of this they never return. If dentist reviews clearly state that the dentist put care into his work to make patients feel comfortable, that may be one office to consider.

2. Is the dental office clean? Dentist office reviews often mention the cleanliness of the waiting room, the treatment rooms, and the dental instruments. You may want to stay away from an office if the reviews mention that anything was dirty or unsterile, as such an environment can cause illness.

3. Are both the dentist and his staff knowledgeable? If the dentist is up to date with all the newest procedures, techniques, and equipment, that is a plus. Many people, when they picture the big, bad, scary dentist, picture antiquated instruments and medieval dental practices that are terrifying and painful. If a dentist office review mentions that the dentist is in tune with modern practices, however, do not rule that dentist out.

4. Does the review offer a recommendation? Whether the review system is based on stars, thumbs up or thumbs down, a recommendation, or a number rating, only consider those that have the highest of ratings. This can help ease any apprehensions you may have, as knowing that you will be seen by a trusted professional is a comforting thought.

Finding great dentist office reviews is where to begin your search, and contacting each facility is the next step. If you have narrowed your search down to just a few dentists, visit their offices. Ask about their hours, whether they accept your insurance, and even request a tour of the facility, if they allow it. When you make your first appointment, you may even be able to schedule just a simple check up that will get you used to being there. After becoming familiar and comfortable with a dentist, your road to perfect dental hygiene can continue.

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