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One of the first things most folks do when they move to a new area is look for a high quality dentist. When you know little about the businesses and services that are available in a community, it can be challenging to find a new physician, mechanic, hair stylist, plumber, dentist, and so on. But today we are fortunate enough to have dentist office reviews to which we can turn for reliable advice on finding the best dentists available.

Prior to the advent of dentist reviews, they only methods for finding a new dentist were word of mouth or the yellow pages. For people who had recently located to a given area, the yellow pages were likely the only way to find a dentist. Obviously, when one had no information to go on, choosing the best dentist was like rolling the dice.

There is actually a story about a young couple who relocated to a new city because one of their jobs required it. Neither the husband nor wife knew anything about this city, or anyone who lived in the city, so when it they had to locate a new dentist, they threw caution to the wind and chose the closest one to their residence.

When they went for their first checkups they found the office pleasant, and its rustic, duck oriented decor slightly amusing. The same can be said when they met the dentist, who had to be close to octogenarian status. After filling out the obligatory paperwork, they quickly found their dental cleaning and exams over within 20 minutes. There was no soreness from the poking and prodding, nor did their teeth have that minty, polished, clean feeling that we all expect from a dental cleaning.

It did not take long for the couple to realize that this dentist, nor his hygienist, as friendly as they were, did not meet their standards for thoroughness. As they began their search for another new dentist, they decided to consult online dental reviews. With the help of the online dentist office reviews, they are now quite pleased that they leave their 45 minute cleaning exams with the fresh teeth and achy gums you would expect from a thorough dental visit.

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