Does Your Child Have The Most Common Childhood Disease?

Pediatric dental services

We all want to protect our children. While most of us have our children vaccinated against deadly illnesses, many people are shocked to learn that the number one chronic childhood disease isn’t asthma, obesity, or diabetes. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the top childhood disease is tooth decay.

That’s right: tooth decay. Children are five times more likely to suffer from tooth decay than childhood obesity. Tooth decay even affects 20 times more children than diabetes! 78% of Americans have had a cavity before the age of 17, and the CDC reports that one in every five children has an untreated cavity. Has your child been to the dentist lately? If you’re a parent and are concerned about tooth decay in your children, don’t stress: a pediatric dentist can treat any dental health issues your child might have.

Let’s face it, though: the dentist can be scary for children. Between all the noises, frightening-looking tools, and having to let a dentist deep into one’s mouth, dentist visits can be unnerving. Pediatric dentistry services, however, are specially-designed to ensure that your child not only has good oral health, but also feels safe and comfortable during pediatric dentist visits. Most pediatric dentist offices feature toys, games, and vibrant decorations to make children at ease and even enjoy visiting the dentist. These dentists for kids even have specialized tools that are designed for children’s small and sensitive mouths.

Pediatric dentists can not only treat kids’ dental problems, but also help them develop healthy dental habits. Many studies have shown that a beautiful smile can lead to higher rates of success in school and, later in life, career. Regular dentist visits can keep a child’s smile healthy and white, which boosts self-confidence and is sure to impress others. Aside from cavities and gingivitis, kids can often damage teeth through the most childlike activity there is: playtime. Around 80% of all dental injuries in America are those that happen to children’s front teeth. A pediatric dentist can repair or replace broken teeth to keep your child’s smile intact.

Don’t let your child become another statistic in the yearly reports of the American Dentistry Association. Find a pediatric dentist near you and let your child’s smile be the best it can be.

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