Do You Need Dental Crowns?

If one or more of your teeth are severely damaged or rotted away, you might be wondering what your options are for a healthier mouth. There are plenty of dental procedures that are used to help damaged teeth, including fillings and even tooth removal in extreme cases. However, some cases require what are called dental crowns to be placed over the tooth.

Dental crowns are a safe and straight forward procedure. If you think you may need them there is no need to be nervous. They were created to help and although there are a quite a few steps to the process of receiving them, the process itself is relatively painless and to the point.

What is a Dental Crown?

Crown fillings are essentially a fake tooth made from materials like porcelain, ceramics, or metal. They are meant to restore the tooth to its original shape and size, and are cemented over top decayed or damaged teeth. They not only help to restore the look of your teeth, but the function of them as well.

How Are Crowns Installed?

Crowns involve a few different steps to create and install. You will be numbed in the area around the tooth being crowned so that your dentist can remove the outer surface using a dental drill and abrasive bur. After this, your dentist will have to take an impression of the tooth using options such as paste or a digital scanner. This impression will be sent to a lab where they create a crown that will fit over your tooth.

While waiting for your crown you will receive a temporary one, because it is not wise to leave the tooth uncovered after it’s been ground down. At your next appointment that crown will be removed and the one made especially for you will be installed and cemented to your tooth.

Do You Need Crown Fillings?

Crowns are generally used when a tooth is too decayed for a regular filling to work, or when damage has occurred that cannot be fixed with another procedure. If you have teeth that are cracked or badly rotted, you may need to have these installed by your local dentist. Getting a dental checkup is a good way to find out if you might need to have this procedure performed.

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