Brace For the Future With Adult Braces

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Having straight, happy, magnificent teeth shouldn’t be a privilege — it should be a right. Not only does a properly-aligned set of teeth look good, it is also better for your dental health. Crooked or misshaped teeth can make it more difficult to brush your teeth. At the same time, they make it easier for harmful bacteria, plaque, and gunk to build up in your mouth. Besides, much of the world — no matter where it seems like — are already firm believers in orthodontics. Nearly a third of the world’s total popular undergo some kind of orthodontic treatment at some point. In the United States, Americans have come accustomed to orthodontic braces at an early age. Children as young as 6 receive orthodontic examinations if not braces themselves. Today, over 80% of American teenagers have braces or other orthodontic options. In total, over four million Americans go to their local orthodontic office for treatment.

That includes adults. Adult braces may at one point have been considered unheard of but now more and more American adults are open to having braces. In fact, according to the American Association of Orthodontics, the number of adults who have braces has increased by 24% from ten years ago. Though braces (at least the conventional metal versions) are something no one necessary enjoys having, the stigma of having braces has largely done away. Braces may feel uncomfortable and are still somewhat cumbersome, the fact is they do phenomenal work in (medically speaking) a relatively short period of time.

Adults hesitant to have metal braces installed have other options available to them. “Invisible braces,” for example, are more like clear trays that help adjust your teeth and jaw structure without having metal wires embedded in your mouth. They are perfectly removable, which comes in handy when eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing your teeth.

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