Why Dental Care Isn’t Something You Can’t Put Off

Dental care

There was always something deliciously rebellious about not brushing your teeth when you were a kid. It’s funny how not caring for ourselves is such large part of growing up. We try a ton of stuff that is terrible for us. We try drinking that gallon of milk in under a minute, we try eating that spoonful of cinnamon, and eventually, we try that cigarette and we try taking those twelve vodka shots in a row.

It’s remarkable what we put our bodies through just by merit of what we put in our mouths. It’s only fair that as we get older and wiser, we actually take the time to promote our dental health by finding and using excellent dental hygiene products.

Why you need to add dental care to your list of things to do:

Poor dental health is more prevalent than you thought. In the United States, an estimated 26% of adults ages 20 to 64 have untreated dental cavities. Nearly half of adults in the United States have mild, moderate or severe periodontitis. Gingivitis and advanced gum disease affect over 75% of the American population. Of all adolescents aged 12 to 19 years, 20% currently have untreated decay.

What you can do:

Take care of your mouth. Get yourself some exceptional dental hygiene products. From dental picks to dental guards to tongue cleaners, it’s time to stock up.

Get the next generation on the right track. As soon as your child’s first tooth appears, schedule a dental visit. The American Dental Association recommends that their first dental visit take place within six months after their first tooth appears or by their first birthday.

Most of us have a rebellious streak. The trouble is, we sometimes rebel against our own well-being. Obviously, that’s not beneficial to anyone. Let’s reframe our rebelliousness and rebel against the things that will cause us issue regardless. It may sound silly, but dental health is one of them. It’s just the nature of the beast. As we get older, our dental health diminishes, so it’s important we take steps that are informed by the inevitable. More on this. More can be found here.

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