What To Do If You Have A Dentist Emergency

As anyone who has experienced a chipped tooth or a sudden tooth ache knows, a dentist emergency is not a pleasant experience. A dentist emergency is a painful, urgent and very uncomfortable experience that can also very easily and very quickly become a very expensive experience if you are not prepared for it. Even if money were not a factor, and for a vast majority of people these days it is a very big factor, a dentist emergency is an urgent situation that should be planned for, in so far as any emergency can be planned for, to minimize the pain and discomfort of the experience. When you have a dentist emergency, you want to be able to get it taken care of right away, so that you do not have to suffer any longer or any more severly than you already are, so it is important to have a plan in place should you ever experience a dentist emergency.

Even if you are a model of dental health, it is inevitable that sooner or later you will have unexpected problems with your teeth. Even if you brush your teeth religiously after every meal, and floss them several times a day, use mouthwash after every time you eat or drink, avoid sugary foods and hard foods that could chip a tooth or dislodge a filling, visit your dentist every six months with out fail for your regularly scheduled cleanings and check ups, and wear a mouth guard when participating in any sports that may result in a blog to the mouth, you may very well still be the victim of a dentist emergency. Simply put, accidents happen, and even the best patients will have to see a dentist on an emergency basis sooner or later. The fact of the matter is that someone who does all of the things listed above is the ideal as far as dental health, and most of us fall very far short of this ideal, so for most of us, a dentist emergencies is not only a likelihood but an inevitability; it is more a question of what and when than if. The problem with dentist emergencies is that there is no emergency room for dental problems like there is for more general medical problems. You can not just go to your local hospital and check in to the emergency room when you chip a tooth or have a cavity. Most of us have a regular dentist that we visit, but that dentist may not be available on an emergency basis. They probabably have regular business hours and a packed appointment schedule, so it can be difficult to get in to see the dentist on short notice. It is important that you speak to the receptionist or even the dentist himself or herself at your dentist office to find out what they will be able to do for you in the event that you are the victim of a dentist emergency. If they are not able to treat you on an emergency basis in the event of a dentist emergency, then they can probably at the very least refer you to someone who can. There are probably urgent care medical centers or walk in care medical providers in your area that have dentists on staff to treat a dentist emergency; these places are very similar to emergency rooms in that they see patients with out an appointment, but they are generally for situations much less severe than those that would bring a person to your typical hospital emergency room.

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