Typical Day of a Dentist

A lot of kids these days dream of becoming a dentist. Aspiring to be a dentist is a fulfilling journey; you help people address some of their issues, and in return, you get paid for it. However, not many people know what it’s like to be a dentist or what their typical day looks like.

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A typical day of a dental physician:
1. A day in the life of a dentist greatly varies from what type of setup you are in, from private practicing to the size of the office down to a corporate-style office.
2. Once the physician arrives in the office earlier than most of their staff, they usually check on pending cases to be delivered or return phone calls to patients or the lab. This is to assure that each patient is well taken care of.
3. The physician also asks his front desk about tentative appointments, schedules and if he needs something specific for special cases.
4. When a patient arrives in the office, the physician usually asks and educates the patient on what procedure they will be taking, whether filling, tooth extraction, or cleaning. The physician then tells the patient what to expect during and after the process.
5. After patient one is done, the physician also checks patients on periodic examination and whether changes will be needed.
6. Once every appointment or procedure is done, the dentist and their staff arrange everything in the office before going back home.

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