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“A smile is the best cosmetic,” say dentists and patients alike. Nearly 75% of individuals in the United States agree that dental hygiene can affect a person’s chance for job success. However, correcting teeth that are crooked or misaligned doesn’t just address cosmetic concerns, it helps prevent damaging tooth wear and even early tooth loss down the road. With more than 75% of Americans under age 17 suffering from cavities, dental care is more important than ever. For those who miss out on dentist care, luckily there are dentists who specialize in repairing damage rather than preventing it. Restorative dentists use the following measures to put patients on a path to their perfect smile:

Dental Implants

The cost of cosmetic dentistry is both social and monetary. Many of the best dentists use minimalist techniques to keep dental cost and tooth damage down. For example, resin veneers are so small that when they are applied, less tooth surface must be shaved off to apply the veneer. You can find a dentist to improve your smile and social life.

Teeth Whitening at the Dentist

Human have been keen on teeth whitening for many than 900 years. In 1100, physicians told patients to grind teeth with herbal remedies including sage, salt and elecampane (a yellow flower). Luckily, the best dentists have developed strategies that take less than an hour and sometimes require only one treatment. Teeth come out professionally whitened with no flower-grinding required! Don’t settle for the idea that dentistry is just to fill cavities! Find a dentist that address all of your smile’s needs.

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