Three Reasons Modern Cosmetic Dentistry Is Viable Option for You

kirkland denturesThese days, an unblemished smile is a priceless asset; one of our societal cornerstones of beauty is that of straight, white teeth. As such, it can be a bit disheartening when teeth look lesser than the ideal, either because of a lack of dental care growing up or an inability to find a cheap dentist. Fortunately, this veneer (pun intended) of healthy smile elusiveness is only just that. With modern options like same day dentures and porcelain veneers, cosmetic dentistry has evolved to a point to serve everyone’s individual needs. The following information covers the basics and will be hopefully useful for anyone who has craved attractive teeth but didn’t know how to begin exploring their options.

The Importance of a Good Smile
The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry asserts that virtually all Americans (99.7%) believe that a good smile is a vital asset. As many as 75% of people worry that an unattractive smile could negatively impact their chances at getting hired. Indeed, the numbers seem to show that most people think it important to find a cosmetic dentist, as the average cosmetic dentistry patient will end up spending anywhere from $5,000 to $6,000 on smile-improvement procedures. What’s more, Americans spend around $1,400,000 annually on teeth whitening products and similar procedures. The numbers don’t lie; Americans find healthy-looking teeth to be extremely important.

Hope for Smile Repair
Even if the solution of choice is same day dentures, modern cosmetic dentistry has advanced leagues in the past decade or so and provides workable options for everyone. There are so many techniques these days to repair chipped, missing, discolored or misshaped teeth and this includes bleaching, crowns, veneers, bonding, as well as reshaping and contouring. What’s more, the success rate of dental implants reports in scientific literature as around 98%, so if you were at all worried of risk, don’t be. Evidence shows that cosmetic dental procedures are definitely safe and worth the time and money.

The Benefit of Veneers
Teeth whitening is a pretty commonly discussed subject, as is the option of same day dentures. One option that doesn’t get a lot of coverage is that of veneers, which is unfortunate as it could be a wonderful choice for many. The use of veers has increased greatly over the past 5 years, as much as 250%. Lumineers, specifically, are a great option, as they are ultra-thin and very translucent, closer mirroring the appearance of real enamel. The upkeep of veneers isn’t very difficult either, as one can go 5 or as many as 10 years before getting them replaced. Sometimes repairing the preexisting teeth is too daunting and expensive a task, in which case covering them with a beautiful façade may be a better option.

No matter what you might decide to choose in terms of dental repair, it’s comforting to know that modern cosmetic dentistry has a viable option for every unique situation.

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