The Top Three Things You Should Know About American Dental Care

Medical care is well known to be excellent in the United States, even if the methods for paying for it are often called into question, but how much do you really know about American dental care? Here are three things you ought to know about the people caring for your teeth:

1. Implants are Being Inserted Into American Culture

Many people fear having to need to visit an implant dentist. Whether it is the cost, the concept of carrying around an implant, or even the idea of having an implant dentist working in their mouth, it is a process that many people find deeply unsettling. Despite this, it is becoming more and more common for folks to have had some experience with implants. Today about three million Americans have implants, but that number is increasing every day. Each year, the toll rises by as much as 500 thousand. Whether they are getting partial dentures or permanent dentures, people are asking their family dentist about implants more and more frequently.

2. Teeth Whitening Procedures are Becoming Mainstream as Well

The same is true of teeth whitening procedures. Many folks balked at requesting the procedures at their local dentist for a while because of some pride regarding earning white teeth. There was a stigma regarding narcissism surrounding the procedure. Even so, the procedure is gaining traction at a remarkable rate; over the past five years, the number of whitening procedures performed has increased by as much as 300%!

3. Tooth Maintenance is Sub-Par

Part of the reason why these procedures are becoming more common is because society is coming to accept them as a helpful and sometimes necessary choice instead of an indulgence or an embarrassment, but much of the reason why they are needed in the first place is that tooth care in the US isn’t satisfactory. Almost half of Americans were unable to claim they floss on any sort of regular basis. How will you care for your teeth? More:

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