The Top Three Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Your Teeth and Their Care


Everyone has teeth, but not everyone knows everything about them. Here are three fun facts you may not have picked up about dental care:

1. Implants are Stronger Than You’d Think

Implant dental costs can seem overwhelming, but those implant dental costs are purchasing a quality item to last a lifetime. The cost of dental implant surgery is purchasing a replacement for even the roots of missing teeth. Oftentimes those same dental implants are made of solid titanium, a material that is built to last the entirety of your life with any luck. That super metal certainly wouldn’t develop any cavities!

2. Dental Care is Much More Effective Today

A century ago, dental care wasn’t anything like it is today. The progress that has been made in that field is simply staggering and shocking. Just one hundred years ago, just about one out of every two people you meet would be toothless. Now people take much greater care to keep their pearly whites both pearly white and in their mouth, preferably unaided. Now less than one in ten adults over the age of sixty five have lost any teeth at all! If anything is a good example of how much society and technology has changed, that statistic definitely is.

3. Floss is Practically Historic

These days, dental floss is typically made of cheap materials and is available in practically every store that sells oral supplies. It is an easily obtainable and dispensable resource, granted that many people don’t take the trouble to obtain it. When dental floss was invented one hundred and thirty two years ago, though, it was not such a petty thing. It used to be made of real silk, just as fine clothes are made of today. Did you learn any interesting food for thought about teeth? Read this website for more information.

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