The Three Dental Emergencies You Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Most people view the dentist’s office as a place for periodic dental exams and cleanings that require appointments months in advance.

However, the field of emergency dentistry has expanded widely in recent years to accommodate patients with severe or time-sensitive dental problems — and by seeking out emergency dental services as soon as you know you need them, you could potentially be able to save your teeth.

Could your dental condition require the attention of an emergency dentist office? Here are the top three times when you can’t afford to ignore your dental problem:

Unbearable tooth pain

If you’re experiencing chronic, severe tooth pain that isn’t alleviated when you take nonprescription pain medicine, it could indicate that you have a dental abscess — a serious condition in which bacteria growth spreads from a dental cavity into the soft tissue of your face and neck bones. An emergency dentist will likely need to drain the abscess and then prescribe antibiotics that can clear it up.

Chipped or cracked teeth

If your tooth has been chipped or cracked, you should head to an emergency dental office as soon as possible. If neglected for too long, this could lead to death of your chipped tooth’s root, in addition to pain and high sensitivity. Typically, a dentist will be able to fix these chips and cracks if you visit them within 48 hours of the dental trauma taking place.

One or more knocked-out teeth

Lastly, you should never avoid seeing a dentist if one or more of your teeth has been knocked out. If you visit an emergency dentist within two hours, he or she may even be able to re-implant your tooth successfully! To make sure this can happen, hold onto your lost tooth and place it in a cup of milk or a keep it tucked in your cheek.

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