The Health Benefits of Purely Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Ventura aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is mostly about making sure your teeth look their best, from teeth whitening treatments to veneers and crowns. And while it’s true that many procedures (such as the “All on 4 Dental Implants” procedure) can also drastically improve the overall health of your mouth — and thus, your body — just the simple act of whitening your smile can have enormous benefits to your psychological, social, and even financial well-being.

Psychological. If you’re reluctant to smile, it can have a major impact on your psychological health, even if you’re a generally upbeat and happy person. Spending any amount of daily energy monitoring your facial features so that others won’t see your less-than-perfect teeth can take an emotional toll — and can be mentally exhausting. When we feel free to smile at a moment’s notice, we stave off anxiety, depression, and a host of stress-induced illnesses.

Social. Our smile is our window to the world. The less we show it, the less of the world we let in. People with a confident and easy smile are more likely to attract a mate, to make lasting friendships, and to inspire happiness in their children (who, after all, learn by example).

Financial. Yes, the quality of your smile can actually have an effect on your bank account. The more open and comfortable your smile is, the more likely you’ll be to land that job of your dreams. Nearly every job contains some kind of social contact, even if it’s no more than the initial interview. A healthy smile — one that you’re proud to show — can be a remarkably helpful tool to advance your career.

Teeth whitening treatments are definitely cosmetic procedures. But the value of a cosmetic procedure can be more than just skin deep. All dental care is about health… cosmetic dental care is just about the less directly tangible aspects of your health and your quality of life. Read more articles like this.

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