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We all read restaurant reviews before we go out to dinner. We all read hotel reviews before we go on vacation. We all read reviews before buying a new car. In college, I would read reviews on my professors before signing up for their classes. And heck, I even read reviews on which types of magnets to buy for my refrigerator. So why is it that so many of us do not read dentist office reviews before asking them to stick their hands in our mouths? Why would we not read dental reviews when hiring someone who will poke around with sharp object near our ever so fragile gum line? If anything, I think medical professionals such as dentists should be the first services we review.

Dentist office reviews are available online just as easily as restaurant reviews and car reviews. But I have found that there are not as many. So in addition to checking dentist reviews before picking a new dentist we all need to write dentist office reviews ourselves as well. And no, no no, we can not just write dentist office reviews for dentists we are unhappy with. Much like when we have a good restaurant meal, we must also write dentist office reviews when they do a great job. We need to let the readers out in the internet void know that yes, our dentist is awesome. Her receptionist is the sweetest. Her office is comfortable. Her dental assistant did not hurt or poke me once and she was great with that little suction thing that removes the puddle of saliva collecting in my mouth as she cleans. We should all write dentist office reviews to let them know we appreciate them. We should all write dentist office reviews to let the world know that going to the dentist is not so bad. And we need to write dentist office reviews because we have all reviewed some breakfast restaurant down the street and we should spread the love to our dentists.

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