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Fullerton dentures

Do you have chipped teeth? Perhaps you are missing one or more teeth altogether. If so, you may want to consider cosmetic dental work implemented by the best cosmetic dentist in your area.

In the case of chipped teeth, getting dental veneers is a viable option. The porcelain shells that are used are thin enough to be placed over and bonded to the teeth. This may help to improve the quality of one’s smile.

There are also cosmetic dental implants, which are used in the case of lost teeth. These cosmetic dental procedures consist of titanium roots that are installed in the jaw line and gums. Abutments, which hold the ceramic crowns themselves, are then placed on top of the roots.

Dental implants may be preferable to using dentures because the former are highly durable, typically lasting a lifetime when taken care of properly. They also require less maintenance than dentures do and more closely resemble real teeth.

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