Do You Have a Missing or Chipped Tooth? Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

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Contrary to what one may think, not everything about identical twins is exactly alike. For example, their teeth can be different, in part because teeth are akin to fingerprints in the their distinctiveness. Similarly, different people will have different dental issues that need to be resolved. Perhaps you have lost a tooth, or maybe your teeth are just chipped or discolored. No matter what the specific situation, cosmetic dental work may be just the solution.

If an original tooth is no longer in place, you may want to ask a dentist about dental implant costs and procedures. The implant itself consists of a titanium root, upon which is placed an abutment to hold the ceramic piece that replaces the visible tooth. In general these dental implants and dental mini implants require less maintenance and more closely approximate real teeth than dentures do.

If the tooth does not need to be replaced, you may just want to get a porcelain veneer, which is thin enough to be secured over the front of the tooth. If you, like nearly everyone in the United States, believe that having a good smile is important in social contexts (as reported by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry), this may be a sensible option for you.

General proper dental care at home is critical, including consistent brushing and flossing. In 1938, the modern plastic toothbrush with bristles made of nylon was introduced. To leave your questions, comments, or tips regarding cosmetic dental work and dental reviews, be sure to share them in the section below.
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