Discount Dentures and Other Ways to Improve Your Smile

Dental partials

Our teeth are important. Not only do we need them to help us eat, but our teeth are some of the first things others see when we greet them. For all of us, our teeth are unique to us like fingerprints. Even identical twins have different sets of teeth. Because your teeth are unique, and so is your smile, you want to keep that individuality even if you’ve lost teeth, so cheap dentures or replacements won’t cut it. If you’ve experienced tooth loss or other dental problems, and you want to regain your smile in an affordable way, consider finding a dentist to get discount dentures, dental implants, or other treatments available today.

What are dentures? Dentures are false teeth, typically secured with an adhesive, and are used to replace all of the teeth in your mouth or a section of teeth. Discount dentures, or those that are more affordable, can be fitted to your mouth’s size. They are a great alternative for those with weak or unhealthy jaws and gums.

Dental implants (and mini dental implants as well) are another option available for replacing teeth as well as the roots of missing teeth. They are typically made from titanium or various titanium alloys and are inserted directly into the bone socket of the jaw. After they are implanted, the jawbone takes up to six to 12 weeks to heal so that it can grow around the implant and anchor it securely. Unlike dentures, these replacements for teeth are not removable, and they are only for those who have healthy jaws and gums. Dental implants can be used to replace anything from a single tooth to all teeth.

The hardest surface in the human body is your tooth enamel, and anything that replaces a tooth needs to have the same strength. Because we need our teeth for eating, talking, and smiling, you want to be sure you have the best options available if you experience the loss of teeth. If you require replacement of one or all of your teeth, be sure to see your local dentist today about discount dentures and dental implants. Don’t let missing teeth stop you from smiling! Reference links.

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