Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago

Cosmetic surgery chicago

Just about all Americans believe that a good smile is crucial in social situations. Americans spend around $1.4 billion every year on tooth whitening alone. About half of the people who get cosmetic dentistry treatments are between 40 and 60. A century ago, half of American adults were toothless, but thanks to advances in care, only about 10 percent of Americans over 65 have missing teeth. As you age, dental problems become more common and it is important to make sure that any dental issues you may have are properly taken care of.

A cosmetic dentist in chicago can help you fix appearance issues you have with your teeth. From straightening to whitening to replacement, cosmetic dentists in Chicago can provide you services that will help to improve your smile. Cosmetic surgery Chicago can help to restore your teeth with more permanent solutions to tooth loss and other dental aging issues. A Chicago cosmetic dentist can even replace missing teeth with implants. Implants, which are often made of titanium, are inserted into the socket of a missing tooth and stay there permanently. A dentist in Chicago can help you manage the aging process.

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