Common Dental Emergencies to Be Aware Of

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There are many reasons that people consistently put off visits to the dentist. They may avoid the dentist out of fear, cost and lack of dental insurance, or a lack of time. Whatever your reason for putting off the dentist is, proper hygiene is important to our overall health. It is important to continue practicing regular dental practices and to keep an eye out for any dental concerns that require the services of a dentist.

Brush and floss regularly

The best way that you can prevent dental emergencies at home is with regular brushings and flossing. The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day. However, it is also important to brush and floss after some types of meals, with food items that easily get stuck between your teeth and gums. Failing to regularly brush and floss can lead to early plaque buildup and tooth cavities that require dental services and sedation dentistry. You are also more likely to lose full grown teeth when you fail to brush, something that can lead to needing a dental implant.


Fortunately, cavities can be easily treated. In many cases, you do not even need sedation dentistry. Cavities can usually be filled in one dental office visit, with little recovery time. However in the United States, 20% of adults have one or more cavities that have gone untreated. It is important to have cavities filled immediately to prevent further dental problems. The tooth can become so badly damaged that it has to be removed entirely. It can also make for sensitive eating and drinking, especially if the cavity is all the way down to the nerve root.

Broken tooth

A broken tooth often results in direct access to the nerve. This can be extremely painful. If the tooth needs to be pulled entirely, it can be replaced with dental implants to cover the nerves. If dental implants are not used, sedation dentistry may be used to burn off the ends of the nerves. Either way, broken teeth are painful and will only get worse with time. If you experience a broken tooth, make an appointment with a dentist immediately.

Over crowded teeth

Overcrowded teeth are sometimes nothing more than a cosmetic problem. Many teenagers may opt for braces to improve the condition of their smile for self esteem issues. However, sometimes overcrowded or overly spaced teeth can actually cause other problems. When the teeth are overcrowded, they are forced to grow in at different angles. This can cause tears and cuts inside the mouth?s gums. It can also cause discomfort when eating. A cosmetic dentist may use braces or invisalign braces for teeth straightening purposes. Sedation dentistry may or may not be needed when applying the braces.

Bad breath

Bad breath, despite brushing and flossing regularly, can be a sign of additional dental health problems. If you struggle with bad breath, it can be beneficial to consult with your dental professional. There may be a problem with one of your teeth that is causing the poor smell. You may also have an untreated cavity that has rotted your entire tooth. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as replacing toothbrushes more frequently and using mouth wash, in addition to brushing. Three quarters of people do not replace their tooth brushes as often as they should.

Many people wait years in between dental check ups. Some go their entire adult life without visiting their dentist. Although the dentist is sometimes associated with pain and discomfort, avoiding the dentist can lead to worsening of dental problems. Some of these problems can get serious and cause additional health and medical complications. Know when to see a dentist for a dental emergency, including bad breath, pain overcrowding of teeth, broken or missing teeth, cavities, or sensitives to hot and cold foods. Dental problems can be very painful, allow your dentist to reduce the pain and correct your dental problem.

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