Advantages of Cosmetic Dentures

If you have pain in your teeth, your dental care needs to change. You might consider getting dentures if you are missing teeth. However, this is something you should discuss with your dentist. If you visit a local dentist for dentures, they can help you explore all of your options. They can tell how they how do they make false teeth. Then they can help you with the advantages and disadvantages of different types of dentures. Some might be a better fit for you than others, so you must know everything you can before making a decision. Your implant dental office can also help you decide if you want temporary dentures or permanent implants.

If you need help getting dentures, you should talk to your dentist as soon as possible. Finances might be a problem, so you should see if there are programs that can help you get your dentures for less money. Your dentist might know some programs or they can refer you to social services. Either way, if you need help, you need to find that help.

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Research has shown that roughly 5% of American adults aged 20 to 64 have no teeth, while an estimated 178 million are missing at least one tooth. These staggering statistics are due to a lack of knowledge about dental hygiene and an unwillingness to go in for routine cleanings and checkups.

If you fall into any of these categories, it may be time to consider cosmetic dentures — a great alternative to having a “real mouth feel” than other, more costly procedures.

What are Cosmetic Dentures? Also known as false teeth, these prosthetic devices are build to replace missing teeth. Dentures are supported by the surrounding mouth tissues and can either be removable or permanent. New dentures come in many different forms: they can either rely on bonding or clasping onto a person’s teeth, or they can come in the form of permanent dental implants.


  • Better chewing ability
  • More natural looking facial appearance; prevents a collapsed, tired look
  • Improved word pronunciation
  • Increased self-esteem; have confidence in daily activities and interactions

Types of Dentures

  • Removable partial dentures are generally low cost dentures for patients who are missing only some of their teeth.
  • Fixed partial dentures are made from crowns and are fitting on the patient’s remaining teeth. Top cosmetic dentists will often recommend this permanent option because they are more stable.
  • Complete dentures are for those who are missing all of their teeth. Studies show that dental implant procedures have a 98% success rate, and this procedure is the most recommended.

Cost of Dentures
Dentists will typically set the price for cosmetic dentures, and these prices may vary depending on what dental practice you go to. The best cosmetic dentists will charge more for their services. A low-cost denture will start at around $300, while the cost for a complete set of upper and lower dentures could range anywhere from $600 to $1,000. The best quality dentures, which are ones that are completely customized and personally fitted with high-end materials, can cost between $2,000 and $4,000 for a partial denture; a full set of teeth will cost $8,000.
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