6 Benefits Of Dental Implants

If you have a smile that you are less than happy with, you may need a dental makeover to give it a whole new look. If you are missing teeth, getting dental implants can be a great way to replace them. If you don’t know much about dental implants, it’s important to find out about them before you make your final decision about getting them.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of dental implants that you should be aware of. Some of the advantages of dental implants include being very durable and strong. They also look good, being made to look just like natural teeth. All teeth implants require surgery to implant the posts into the jaw, and it can take a long time to go through all of the steps to get your implant. The whole process can take at least six months.

When you have missing teeth, it can cause the bone around it to deteriorate. When you get a dental implant, it helps to keep that bone in place and to keep it strong. Some people don’t have enough bone in their jaw to hold onto a dental implant, and those patients may need to get a bone graft.

Cosmetic dentistry

As the old song goes, ?you?re never fully dressed without a smile!? And it?s true. According to an AACD survey, almost all adults (99.7 percent) who responded to the survey said they believe a healthy smile is socially important. Over 70 percent said they felt that an unattractive smile could be damaging to their career success, and worried about first impressions. Thirty-two percent admitted they were concerned by how their teeth look, and about half of those said they hide their smiles in photographs. However, modern dentistry has advanced greatly and offers multiple options for those who want to improve their smile and oral health, from fixing crooked teeth to full-mouth reconstruction. A common procedure is tooth replacement.

In the past, there were only two solutions for repairing tooth loss: dentures and bridges. However, dental implants are now available. Unlike a bridge, a dental implant is surgically affixed to the jawbone, acting as a replacement for the root of the missing tooth. It becomes part of your mouth?s structure, and thus offers benefits that the other methods cannot.

1.Dental implants look and feel like real teeth
They are custom sized and colored to match your existing teeth, and no one can tell the
difference between the two. Due to the custom fit, they feel natural, and are designed to
fuse into your mouth?s structure. You don?t have to worry about slippage or other fit

2.A dental implant doesn?t affect speech
After tooth loss, many people experience a change in the way they speak, due to the new shape of their mouth. The same can be true for those who wear dentures. However, a dental implant can fix that problem and improve clarity of speech.

3.No change or restrictions in eating choices.
Love popcorn? Go for it. Unlike other tooth replacement options, a dental implant does not restrict what you can eat.

4.Dental implants improve bone health
When your jawbone is not supporting teeth, it may deteriorate, which in turn can change the shape of your jaw and face. With a dental implant, the artificial root connected to your jaw keeps the structure from breaking down, preserving bone health and the shape of your face.

5.They do not get cavities and will last a lifetime
Dental implants are made from artificial material, and will not develop cavities. In addition, since they do not cover the adjoining teeth, they don?t interfere with the health of those teeth. Extremely durable, they do not need to be replaced, although occasional adjustments during routine dentist visits are sometimes advisable.

6.They are easy to care for
Unlike dentures and other methods, dental implants don?t need to be removed for a separate cleaning or require special dentistry. They are hassle-free, and can be cared for as you would care for your natural teeth: brush, floss and visit your dentist regularly for checkups.

If you have missing teeth, the right dentist can help develop a dental implant solution for you. Not only will your dental health be greatly improved, but your personal confidence will increase. You?ll have a better first impression and will feel free to smile beautifully whenever you want!

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